Causes and Solutions for Performance Problems

Review the online lesson Causes and Solutions for Performance Problems, presented below.
Read the following scenario:
Your restaurant chain has started an employee bonus program to promote several new menu items. The three servers who sell the most of these new items each week receive a bonus amount added to their hourly paycheck. The first week, most of your servers did a good job promoting the new items. The bonuses went to servers who are always willing to fill in extra shifts—that week, they worked more hours than the rest of your servers. The next week, the same thing happened. You also notice that the other servers have stopped recommending the new menu items, and are concerned that the total sales of new items are dropping rather than increasing, which will reflect badly on your location’s upcoming evaluation.

Identify the problem and suggest a solution:
1) Identify the Problem Is this a problem with the work environment, a motivation problem, or a skill problem (online lesson above)?
Tell what symptoms (from the previous page) make you think it is this type of problem.

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Causes and Solutions for Performance Problems
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2) Recommend a Solution Based on the type of problem, describe the training or non-training solution you would use to correct the problem.


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