causal argument 1 in 3 hours


Every time I think about causal arguments and causal relationships, I cannot help but think of the most explicit cause and effect examples ever, Rube Goldberg machines. One of my favorites is the Rube “Slowberg” featured in the video below (worth the watch). I know it must have been so much fun to plan, design, and build that particular Rube Goldberg machine. In this instance, I am reminded that planning is everything.
For this assignment you will need to:

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causal argument 1 in 3 hours
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Choose a topic and one of the graphic organizers from the set under the RESOURCES tab for this week.
Complete an organizer of your choosing on the topic you have selected.     

The graphic organizers will have to printed, or you can draw a copy of the graphic organizer.
Complete the graphic organizer for cause and effect on the topic of your choice.
Take a photograph of your completed graphic organizer (the file will either have to be a jpg or pdf).

Upload your completed graphic organizer.

These tools could come in handy as you work through the planning process for writing a causal argument


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