The country of Nigeria was very unstable after gaining its independence from Great Britain in 1960. From July 1967 to January 1970, there was a great Civil War when Ibo tried to separate and form the Republic of Biafra. The country was finally forced to surrender in 1970, after several years of horrific war. Chinua Achebe’s story, “Civil Peace,” takes place shortly after the war ends.

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Initial Post Instructions
Chinua Achebe repeats, “Nothing puzzles God,” several times throughout “Civil Peace.” Considering the author’s background and setting of the story, why is this line so significant? Use specific examples from the text to illustrate your claims.

Do NOT use Sparksnotes, eNotes, Wikipedia, or similar websites, as these are not academic in nature. If you do so, you will earn an automatic F. Your discussion may be submitted to Turnitin, so please use the University library or .org and .edu resources.

Secondary Post Instructions
As you are responding to your peers, consider the main character in the story, Jonathan. Do you agree with your peers’ statements regarding his character? Why or why not? Use specific examples from the text to illustrate your claims.

Writing Requirements 

  • In addition to one initial post, respond to at least two peers.
  • Initial Post Length: minimum of 250 words
  • Secondary Post Length: minimum of 200 words per post
  • Use APA format for in-text citations and list of references.


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