Case Study on Dolly the sheep

  1. Describe a case study in detail and explain the major bioethical issue involved
  2. Explain arguments on both sides of a bioethical controversy.
  3. Form a logical conclusion and explain the line of ethical thinking involved.
  4. Describe the bioethical principles of beneficence, maleficence, autonomy, and justice as they relate to a particular bioethical dilemma.
  5. You are required to cite THREE resources for this assignment in proper APA format.
  6. No more than 4 pages 


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Case Study on Dolly the sheep
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Excellent  90-100

Good 80-89

Fair 60-79

Failing under 60


Statement of facts of the case  10%

Full statement of case facts – who, what, when and why

Includes most of the case facts

Includes some case facts

No performance


Statement of the issues in the case 10%

All issues stated

Some issues stated

A few issues stated

No performance


Discussion of the issues (250 words) demonstrating mastery of the relevant material pertaining to the case. 50%

Full discussion of the issues facing each participant

Some discussion or some participants discussed

Brief mention or discussion of some of the issues

No performance


Review of ethical framework guiding decisions 10%

Full discussion of ethical framework that applies to the scenario

Some discussion

Brief discussion

No performance


Statement of your point of view regarding the outcome/ recommendations for future care/decisions 10%

Full discussion of outcome and your opinion WITH rationale

Some discussion of outcome with rationale

Brief discussion of outcome. No discussion of rationale

No performance


Citations—3 required 5%

More than one citation for work read in correct APA format

Citation for one resource provided. Format not correct

Citations not correctly APA formatted

No citations No performance




No grammatical or spelling errors

Few grammatical or spelling errors

Many grammatical or spelling errors

No performance



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