Case Study for community career developement


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Case Study for community career developement
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Community Career Development

Read the following case study and in 700- to 1050-words (2-3 pages) answer the questions posed after the case study. Use headings to separate the responses to each question. Use at least two (2) resources.

Frank is a 25-year-old veteran who has served two tours of duty in Iraq. While there, he lost his right arm while removing wounded soldiers from the combat zone. He is suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. His military specialty is artillery maintenance specialist. Now he faces the need to get housing and a civilian job that provides enough income to support himself, his wife, and their two children. While he has been away, his wife and children have lived with her parents, but now Frank and his wife would like to have their own home.

Frank has a high school diploma but has not pursued any education beyond that. Before entering the military, he drove a florist delivery truck. Linda, his wife, has completed an associate degree in paralegal studies at the local community college while Frank has been away. She is willing to work if they could find a way to acquire good child care services.

  • What kinds of next steps would you investigate with Frank as you work with him on an action plan?
  • To what agencies and resources might you refer Frank?
  • What kinds of support services does this family need?   


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