Case Study Assignment (One to two pages)

 Due: 2 hours
Case Study PART 3  Read Questionable Payments Pg 117-121. 
NOTE: be sure to answer each question in details supporting your position/views . Most questions require a paragraph response (So case studies are usually 1-2 pages typed single spaced: Be sure to list question number & the response for each of the questions. 

Answer the following questions:

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Case Study Assignment (One to two pages)
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1.  What is bribery? Why is it a problem?
2.  Why do we need to talk about this? What do you need to learn about this topic to become better managers?
3. Which scenarios were most interesting for you? Which ones did you want to talk about the most? Why?
4. What is at stake in this payment?
a. Who do I become if I make this payment?
b. What principles are at stake, if any, in making this payment?
c. Which stakeholders are impacted by this decision?
d. What are you certain or uncertain about in this scenario?
 e. What insights or wisdom can you share with your peers about how to handle requests for bribes or questionable payments?
5. Who is harmed by bribery? What is it going to take to reduce the incidence of bribery?


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