Case Study

(1) In the basic assignment, you are to pick out what YOU think are the KEY issues and make recommendations, applying class theory on the way. That’s it. Some of the key issues might arise in the questions at the end of the case, but I can’t guaranty that.
(2) The grading criteria (below) serve to give you a clear understanding of how I will evaluate the cases.
(3) Although this might seem ambiguous, please understand that after 25 years of being in the business world, I can assure you that your boss will not say “Is this true or false” or “Should I do A,B,C,D, or All of the Above?” So…I believe that a key to your professional success will lie in your ability to pick out the KEY issues (there are many issues that are less important…so choosing the critical one(s) will be very important) and address them with logical recommendations that answer the “why” (and not just “I think/feel”).
I know that doing this well will require time and effort, but believe me – this experiential exercise creates A LOT of work for me as I do read each and every one- but I feel obliged to do this, as it might help  you develop as a professional, and isn’t that what we are supposed to be dong here?
So… I hope that answers your question, I am copying everyone so we will all be on the same page…
Case Grading Criteria
25%:    Identification of Key Issues
            Realizing that there are numerous issues, choose those which are the most critical
            to the future success of the organization at the time of the case. These key issues
            may arise from any part of the organization, thus they need not be limited to
            people, i.e. systems and procedures may be of the utmost importance at any one
            time. (For term projects, updating of the information is recommended)
25%:    Application of Theory
            Complement your good ideas and common sense with the ‘tools’ of this class, i.e.
            class/text theory, (past FIU, the ‘tools’ of your profession will be developed as
            you develop as a professional). By adding this perspective to your work, both for
class AND past FIU,  it will be stronger in its content, and ultimately, more
            convincing to your reader.
25%     Recommendations
            Past FIU, the quality of your recommendations will be a critical factor in your
            success. Recommendations should, if possible, include alternatives so as to
            increase objectivity. Also, there should be reasoning that “sells” your idea, both in
            theory and implementation, i.e. the “why, who, how, when, etc.” of your idea.
25%     Presentation
            Organizing and delivering your ideas in a succinct and logical manner is vital to
 the success of your work, for if the presentation is poor, your good ideas could
get lost. Grammar and syntax is vital, for a reader can get distracted to the point of
losing the message, and your credibility can be damaged by the inability to write
effectively, i.e. typos can leave a lasting impression. Proofreading by a
third party is highly recommended.
***I encourage you to copy others’ work – BUT YOU MUST CITE IT!!! Actually, using others’ ideas is a very “Professional” practice – and citing makes it even stronger since it shows that your idea/recommendation is researched and well developed – not just your “I think/I feel” idea…

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