Case study / 3~4 pages / need within 30 hours

Case Study #1 Instructions

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Case study / 3~4 pages / need within 30 hours
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Please completethe following exercises for Case Study #1. Please submit your exercises in APA format and include a cover and reference page.

1. Web App on page 19 (Chapter 2). Please submit your findings in at least one page (double-spaced; 12-point font).

2. Web App on page 145 (Chapter 5). Please answer all questions outlined in this exercise in at least one page (double-spaced; 12-point font).

3.  Complete problems #22 and #23 on page 112 (Chapter 4).

Please download the Excel file to complete the assigned problems by going to: (Links to an external site.) or downloading the Excel file under Week 3.

Your final submission, in TWO files should contain:

1.) One Word document (cover and referencepage) for the Web App exercises.

2.) One Excel file for #22 and #23. It is ok to submit #22 and #23 in separate excel files; however, combining the excel sheets in one file is preferred.

Please place your name on your spreadsheet(s).


The following are a list of resources to assist you with APA formatting requirements:

The following link contains a sample APA paper: (Links to an external site.)

The Purdue Online Writing Lab: (i.e., APA reference formatting): (Links to an external site.) 


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