Case study

Assignment Instructions
Ethical Standards of Practice
This assignment will assess knowing of the following CAHIIM Competencies:
Domain VI. Leadership
                VI.H. Ethics

Comply with ethical standards of practice.   3. Assess how cultural issues affect health, healthcare quality, cost and HIM

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Case study
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Assignment Instructions
Part 1:
Review the case study at the end of chapter 5.  Which ethical standards in this chapter apply to this case and how?  What impact would the implementation of the system have on the facility if it is implemented without proper privacy and security controls?  Can policies and procedures be established to help ensure compliance?
Part 2:
Locate the website of two medical billing and coding companies that use staff based in other countries. Describe their training practices on topics such as ICD-10-CM coding, and English language and culture, comparing similarities and differences. What impact could using these companies have on ethical standards of practice? The following are suggested sites to begin with; you may find others as well:
Supporting Materials

HIMA200 Assignment – Ethical Standards of Practice.docx (16 KB)

  You are a health information manager in a hospital setting. Your facility has purchased an electronic health record (EHR) system. During the testing period, you and your staff discover that the EHR system does not comply with applicable federal privacy and security standards. Pressure is mounting to deploy the system in the near future. What ethical issues should you consider? How should you proceed?


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