Case Studies/Readings in Management

 This course is comprised of articles taken from the textbook.  which I do not have.

Please  complete 9 articles from the units listed below provided that you do at least one article from each of the 7 Units/Sections. 
1. Managers, Performance, and the Environment
2. Planning
3. Organizing
4. Directing
5. Controlling
6. Staffing and Human Resources
7. Perspectives and Trends
After reading the articles you will prepare an Executive Summary, Critical Thinking Questions, and Critique for each article. Please adhere to the format and content requirements below. 

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Case Studies/Readings in Management
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Article Assignment Content Requirements
A. Executive Summary: The Executive Summary is a synopsis of the article – no opinions in this section. You are required to include a summary of all the key points of the article. The length of the Executive Summary will vary from article to article but should be at least 300 words. 
B. Critical Thinking Questions: Following your Executive Summary, please answer the Critical Thinking Questions at the end of the article. You are required to use evidence from the article to answer the questions. You may also include any outside courses you deem relevant (i.e. journal articles, newspapers, magazines, or online sources). Again, be sure to use APA style to do so. The length of critical thinking question portion will vary from article to article, should be at least 300 words.
C. Critique: Each Critical Thinking portion should be followed by a Critique. The Critique is a critical analysis of the article. This is appropriate section for your professional opinion; for you to apply what you have learned from your management courses as well as from any management experience you may have. In this section, you are required to include at least ONE piece of from previous classes, textbooks, outside articles (scholarly or newspaper/popular press). You may also use evidence from your workplace. Again, the length will vary from article to article, but critiques should be at least 600 words.

Article Assignments Format Requirements
All assignments should:
1. Be composed of all three sections: Executive Summary, Critical Thinking Questions, and Critique
· Each sections should start on a new page with the section title entered and bolded (i.e., Executive Summary, Critical Thinking Questions, and then Critique)
2. Include the name of the article you are addressing in the header 
3. Be at least 1200 words – this doesn’t include title or reference page
4. Be double-spaced
5. Have 1-inch margins
6. Use 12-point Time New Roman font
7. Adhere to APA standards for citations and formatting

The Required Textbook
Maidement, F. (Eds.). (2016). Annual editions: Management (17th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 9781121833814


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