case analysis

You will be asked to submit three case analyses based on four cases that we will discuss in this class (see the attached weekly schedule for those cases). Each analysis is worth 34 points and accounts for 17% of your total grade. In each assignment you are asked to: 1) identify the most important strategic issues facing the firm as a result of both internal and external analyses, 2) identify and analyze the best alternative courses of action most relevant to the key issue(s), 3) recommend a specific course of action from the alternatives, and 4) justify that recommendation as the best given your analysis. 
 Despite the increasing depth of analysis needed, case analysis can be no longer than two‐pages(single‐sided,single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, 1” margins throughout) 
CASE analysis tips:
1. Executive summary vs. case analysis
2. Cons of each alternative
3. Consistency
4. Tools/Framework: r.g., PESTEL
5. Be specific about your recommendation
6. Format

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case analysis
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