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TOPIC Dancehall music STATEMENT OF PROBLEM An investigation into the impact of dancehall music on the values and attitudes of teenagers between the ages 14-18years at Manchester High School. RESEARCH QUESTIONS 1. What is dancehall music? 2. What effects does dancehall music have on the attitudes and values of youth at Manchester High School? 3. Where dancehall music has a negative effect on the attitudes and values of teenagers, what measures can be implemented to alleviate this problem? 1) Male Female 2) Age: 13- 15 16- 18 19- 21 22- 24 25- 27 28- 30 3) Do you listen to dancehall music?
YES NO 4) Which of the following options best describes your reason for listening to dancehall I enjoy it The music speaks about reality I don’t know I grew up hearing it Other ________________________________________… 5) How often do you listen to dancehall music? ________________________________________…  6) Who is your favourite dancehall artist ________________________________________… 7) What is your favourite dancehall song ________________________________________… 8) Do you have a job? YES NO 9) How would you describe your performance in school?
Excellent Good Average Fair Satisfactory Unsatisfactory 10) Are you sexually active? YES NO 11) Do you believe that sexual content of some dancehall songs influence your sexuality  Agree Strongly agree Disagree Strongly Disagree 12) What do you think about homosexuality ________________________________________… 13) Do you think that Dancehall music perpetuates crime and violence within the Jamaican society? YES NO  14) Do you believe that most dancehall songs degrade women? YES NO  15) Do you believe that dancehall music strongly impacts your view of gender roles within the society? YES NO 16)

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Carib Notes
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