Career Documents.

Using the Career Documents Rubric listed below as a guide for the specific grading criteria, compile the following  four elements into ONE Microsoft Word document: • A copy of a current job posting. • A cover letter to accompany a resume when applying for that position. • An updated resume. • A follow-up letter for an interview. Use standard parts of a business letter including: the heading and date, inside address, appropriate salutation and  complimentary closing.       
Part I: Job posting Copy and paste a job posting from an online job board for a position in your chosen profession.     
   Part II: Cover Letter Set an appropriate tone with your introduction and state your qualifications as they relate to the job for which you are  applying. Edit the letter so that it is no longer than one page (however, a cover letter that is too short will not receive  attention either). Be specific, use active verbs, express confidence and enthusiasm without exaggerating or being  arrogant, and request further contact in your conclusion.    
   Part III: Resume Make sure your resume is up to date, detailed and professional. DO NOT merely submit an old resume you have on  hand. Review the samples in your reading for the week for guidance on layout, format, and what to include.           
Part IV: Follow up thank you letter and interview This letter should indicate your enthusiasm for the position, refer back to some aspect of the interview, and reinforce  a positive impression of your qualifications. End with your contact information.        Remember that grammatical and typographical errors are a quick way to have your resume discarded. All  communication when job searching should be PERFECT.         
       Format your resume, cover letter, and follow-up letter as you would for use in the business world. APA format is not  required; therefore, a title page is also not required.

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