Car Electric Window Regulator Industry

Globally, car electric window regulators include three types: cable, flexible axle and cross-arm. Cable and cross-arm ones dominate the Chinese market, with the combined market share of over 95% in 2013. In China, cable ones are mainly used in sedans, while cross-arm ones are suitable for sedans and commercial vehicles. Flexible axle ones can be applied to various models of vehicle, but they only find application in a tiny minority of cars since China’s flexible axle and flexible axle motor technologies still desire to be much improved; nevertheless, the flexible axle Indo regulator is expected to be the future development direction.
View Complete Report @ http://www. chinamarketresearchreports. Com/114863. HTML . As China’s largest local car electric window regulator manufacturer, Shanghai SIC Transportation Electric Co. , Ltd. Seized 10% market share in 2013, slightly lower than 2012. Founded by HIJACK Automotive Systems Co. , Ltd. (70% stake) and SIC (30% stake) Jointly, the company mainly produces cable and cross-arm car electric window regulators and serves Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai MM, etc. Foreign manufacturers Brose, HI-Leg, Mitosis, F.
Tech and Magna Closures have established production bases in China, in which Brose is the first one that entered the Chinese market in 1995 to produce cable and cross-arm car electric window regulators, power window motors and anti-pinch electronic modules. As of June 2014, Brose had established a headquarters, three R & D / sales centers, five wholly owned factories and four Joint-stock plants, with a total headcount of 3,300 in China The Report mainly includes: Installation rate and development trend of car electric window regulators in China.

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Car Electric Window Regulator Industry
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