capston project and power point project


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capston project and power point project
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Blocksquare, a company headquartered in Slovenia, is looking to   further transform the real 


estate market by providing a simple and safe way for online   users to buy or sell commercial 


properties around the world. Blocksquare styles itself as the   blockchain and real estate 


equivalent to the online-payment companies PayPal and Stripe,   and has developed a set of 


protocols, tools, and APIs that can be integrated into existing   online property platforms. The 


company has effectively created the infrastructure for a global   commercial real estate market 


run on blockchain technology by enabling asset-management   companies around the world to 


divide individual properties into virtual currency tokens. Real   estate firms can then issue 


tokens for the properties they manage. Tokens can be bought or   sold online via a 


decentralized, peer-to-peer system. 


Tokenizing real estate opens the market to a global network of   internet users, making it easier 


and more attractive for people to invest in commercial property.   As a commercial property 


manager, Ruth has no doubt that this will have important   implications for businesses and 


financial practitioners involved in the sale and purchase of   commercial real estate. While 


changes in the payment ecosystem for commercial property would   be of benefit to some, they 


would have a negative effect on others. Ruth sits down to draft   a brief to her team so that 


they can consider the consequences of these developments. 


Visit Blocksquare’s website and do some additional research to   learn more about tokenizing 


real estate. Use the following questions to guide your   research: 


● What exactly does “tokenizing” commercial real estate mean,   and what will this 




● Which processes will be streamlined through the use of online   payments and 


blockchain technology? 


● What are the costs and risks involved? 


● Who stands to benefit from revolutionizing payments? 


● Which products and services will cease to exist? 


Your task: 


For your slide-deck presentation and accompanying write-up,   outline a strategy whereby 


commercial real estate firms such as Ruth’s might benefit from   participating in the tokenized 

real estate market. Include an analysis of the risks, costs, and benefits involved   

Please prepare your slide deck using the accompanying Microsoft PowerPoint template (available for download with this capstone project on the Online Campus). Apart from the cover page, which must state which problem you are addressing, you are welcome to customize the template as much as you like. Your slide deck should be between 10 and 15 slides (excluding the cover page).  

Introduction: Write a succinct paragraph in which you articulate the challenges faced by the company or protagonist. You may consider the following aspects:

● Big picture (the background landscape of the protagonist’s industry or sector)

● Small picture (the situation that the protagonist’s company faces)

● Specific issues that you are targeting

(±150 words)

Proposed plan of action: Outline your proposed solution to the problem. You may consider the following aspects:

● What your proposed solution is

● What evidence or thought logic supports your proposal

● What challenges, side effects, shortcomings, and disadvantages your proposal may have, and why you still think your proposal is a good one

(±700 words)

Conclusion: Write a conclusion that sums up the key aspects of the problem and your solution 

(±150 words)


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