Calorie Intake

My calorie intake for the three days isn’t appropriate. I documented each item I ate, surprisingly it wasn’t as high as I imagined it to be. I thought it would be a lot higher because I don’t watch what I eat Eke I should. My calorie intake should be about 2000 and it was around 2869 on day 1. Even though I went over 869 calories each calorie can affect the body. Calories will affect weight, health, and energy levels. If a person eats more than they burn they gain weight. Same If someone burns more than they eat they will lose wait.
Just as If someone eats as much as they burn then they eat the weight will remain the same. If someone calorie intakes too low it may cause reduced muscle mass (Calorie Explained). If there are no food energy sources to keep the vital organs functioning it uses the muscle mass for energy, so it will make the person feel sluggish and tired. A high calorie diet puts stress on the body. It can increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and length of life. As I mentioned earlier about muscle mass the body mass Index or IBM allows anyone to figure out their body mass according to their weight and height (Merriam Webster).
My IBM is 17. 5(Calculate Body Mass index). It is considered underweight, but I am still healthy a small frame runs in my family. However if it wasn’t hereditary I would try to find way to boost my IBM to a normal range of 18. 5. B. The DIR for each nutrient over the three days that I record what I ate….. The DIR for carbohydrates was 130, It was being 75 and 300 percent. The DIR for fiber was 25, and was between 75 and 300 percent. Linoleum Acids DIR was 12 and It was less than 75%. To increase my DIR I would try to eat chicken or pizza. Cholesterol was 30 and the percent was less than 75%.

TO increase cholesterol DIR I would try and eat more eggs or sausage. Calcium is 1000 and it was between 75 and 300 percent. Sodium was 1500 and less than 75%. To help increase my sodium intake I would try to eat bacon In the morning or cheese as a snack. Copper Is 900 and between 75 and 300 percent. Iron DIR Is 18 and was between 75 and 300%. Magnesium Is 310 and between 75-300%. Selenium Is 55 and less than 75%. To Increase selenium I could eat more whole grains or eat more fish. Zinc is 8 and less than 75%. To help increase zinc I could eat more spinach or prop. Vitamin A is 700 and between 75-300%. 6 is 1. And less than 75%. 812 is 2. 4 is less than 75%. Eating bananas or lean pork would help increase 8″‘ DIR. Vitamin C Is 75 is less than 75%. I could try to eat more strawberries and oranges to raise Valiant C DIR. Vitamin D Is 25 and between 75 and 300%. Vitamin E Is 15 and between 75 and 300%. Vitamin K Is 90 Is less than 75%. Trying to eat more beans and strawberries to increase DIR of Vitamin K. Foliate is 400 and is between 75 and 300%. Thiamin is 1. 1 and less than 75%. Eating more bread and nuts can increase DIR. Niacin is 14 and less than 75%. I can eat more chicken and peanuts to increase level.
Cooling is 425 and is between 75-300%. Potassium is 4700 and over 300%. If your body has to much potassium It can lead to hyperemia. Phosphorus was 700 and over 300%. Too much LLC. Some changes in my diet that I could make would be choosing something more healthy as a substitute for the unhealthy item. Instead of ranch and butter on a bake potato I could pass on that and Just eat the bake potato as is. Also, before I throw mayo. On a slice of bread try to replace it with mustard. My intake of saturated fat was 1 1. 67% which is a little high. Considering it should be around or less than 10% of total calories.
If it was much higher than that it would be a concern of mine because trans/saturated fat is considered the worst type of fat by some doctors. This type so fat will raise the “bad” cholesterol, OLD, and lower the good cholesterol, HAD, in your body. A combination of the two cholesterol being altered can increase many health risk such as heart disease. 2. With that being said I can take steps in the right direction to make more healthy choices and have a healthier life style. I could switch from red meat to strictly sea food. I would eliminate things such as steak from my diet, to lower cholesterol, that would lead too serious of problems.
One problem resulting from a lot of red meat in the diet and the level of cholesterol being raised would be heart disease. Another problem with red meat is it is linked to colon cancer (Dry. Sears). A change I could make other than red meat would be to take more vitamins to insure I get the recommended amount for each vitamin. I don’t drink a lot of milk so I don’t get the vitamin D I should. Taking a vitamin D pill or putting milk would help so later on in life I don’t develop osteoporosis or something of that nature. The hardest of changes for me would be not to cook in or eat foods that have been cooked in oil.

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Calorie Intake
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