business proposal


The local television news director reached out to you, the owner of Write Way Inc., indicating the need to hire a professional who can write content for all their increasing numbers of human-interest stories. The local news director decided to explore the possibility of finding new freelance writers. You received a request for business proposal (RFP) for your services and are now submitting that proposal. Some minimal details: The television station has 4 different news broadcasts daily with about 4 human interest stories in each broadcast-the same stories can be reused in each broadcast.  The viewership is over 300,000 people.

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business proposal
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A mix of contract preparation (with creative writing) and persuasive writing for a given RFP scenario-3-4 pages not including a cover page

Statement of Work-why were you requested?
Summary- 3-4 sentences of what your client is about to read; total content synopsis
History of your company/mission statement
Scope of the project- bulleted and thorough points of what your company will be doing
Project Timeline and Schedule of Work (list of deliverables with completion times)
Conclusion- what the client should expect to see/feel upon completion of the work
Closing statement of deadline to sign the proposal


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