Business Law case brief assignment

The assignment is basically to brief the case that will be provided. There are no specfifc guidelines to follow, just go through the sources i will provided and follow them strictly.

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Business Law case brief assignment
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 The case is : Riley v. California, 134 S.Ct. 2473 (2014)


According to my syllabus:


The briefs that will be assigned are due to be presented during the class when the material is covered in the chapter, and the brief used or a copy of a brief is to be handed in following the presentation. If you do not present your brief on the date due, then you will receive a zero for the assignment. Because case briefs can be traded between students without the instructor’s involvement, any type of excuse such as those for illness do not apply and will not waive the class presentation requirement of the assignment.

Keep a copy of your brief, since they will not be returned. I do not accept e-mailed versions. It is your responsibility to make sure that the brief gets to me.

There is a sample handout giving you an idea of how the “brief” may be prepared on the Lecture Notes website and another included in the brief assignment package. How you present the case will be up to you; however, you should be prepared to discuss not only the case, but if questions arise about substantive or procedural matters raised in the case, you should be able to direct that discussion as well.



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