Bullet Trains in Nowadays US Market

Also, they are designed for long-distance traveling and have not been implemented in the United States. They have many competitive advantages such as higher speeds, which leads to a quicker means of transportation. This is a huge advantage because in todays society time is one the most important sources for competitive advantage.
They have a much more modern look which includes comfortable seating, and high end dining, which these are also core competencies. This leads to quality, consumers are willing to spend the extra money for quality, which they will receive on the bullet trains. Also the technology is so advanced there wouldn’t be competition directly to Siemens if they were to start in the US market. will be competing against.
Customers want to be able to have a relaxed experience when traveling since traveling is hectic as it is. Bullet trains will fill those needs of the consumer, and with all of the surveys that have been done more than 60% of people do not enjoy the chaos that comes with traveling. Whether they are traveling through the air or in a car it is not very comfortable, this is a huge competitive advantage for bullet trains which also makes them “order winners”.

Order Winners are features that basically win a customer over to your product or service they have made these trains based on consumer needs and wants, because of these trains being produced for such a long period of time. “The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) established a process for designating U.S. high-speed rail (HSR) corridors.” This started the testing of high speed trains which can go up to 90-120 mph.
Bullet trains are almost twice as fast as these. This technology is very advanced though and the US government does not believe in funding at the moment. This is because the cost of production is very high, which is very important. If the government were to help with the funding this be huge importance for Siemens. Although they are a huge corporation without government funding, it is very expensive to produce the bullet trains. So at the moment, they are coming up with different strategic methods on how to lower production costs, as well as how to relate the trains to a more specific market segment.
The importance of the research that is being done will either make or break the opportunity for the trains to come to the states. They need the governments support and the abilitity to come up with a new strategy on how to present the idea to Government. The contributions these trains will make are un-imaginable.
They not only make the US a more innovative country, but it could help in increasing the US economy, which could very much use this boost. It will give citizens a lot quicker mean of transportation, while also lowering the costs of different industries such as: air travel, car travel, and slower and less convenient train travel. This could contribute to lowering gas prices, plane ticket prices, and push the US in a new direction for the future.
This leads to the Value chain effect, Siemens is already way ahead of society’s technology today. They are a very futuristic organization and they already have on-site research testing. They also produce a lot of their parts that would be needed for the trains which is a benefit of the value chain process. I would advise for the trains to come to us because it would be a huge advancement for our society.

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Bullet Trains in Nowadays US Market
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