BSA/500: Business Systems I Wk 5 Assignment – Exploring Enterprise Solutions

Assignment Content

    For this assignment, you are a systems consultant who has been contracted by Entertainment2U a streaming media company. In its infancy, Entertainment2U offered clips of movie trailers along with discussion boards curated by film critics and experts. Visitors to the Entertainment2U site contributed reviews and ratings used to construct demographic-specific recommendations with payment tiers. Thanks to acquisitions, the site grew quickly and began including crowdsourced reviews and ratings of online news and entertainment outlets, hardcopy books and magazines, videos, music, and games. The company grew so quickly that now, several years after its inception, leadership has realized that it has silos of information stored in legacy systems.

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BSA/500: Business Systems I Wk 5 Assignment – Exploring Enterprise Solutions
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The CEO of Entertainment2U is frustrated by the time it takes to get information needed to make strategic business decisions. A prior consulting firm suggested porting information from all of Entertainment2U’s divisions to a company-wide business information (BI) and CRM systems. However, the CEO saw this recommendation would just create additional systems, and they thought there was already too much time being spent shuffling data from one system to another and formatting and reformatting.

As the systems consultant, you have been asked to research and recommend an ERP solution for Entertainment2U.

To complete this assignment:
Write a 3-page business case for moving Entertainment2U to a specific ERP solution.

Include at least 2 sources to support your business case.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.

5.1 5.1 Compare and contrast enterprise-wide information systems.


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