Broadcasting Innovations

COMMERCIAL radio broadcasting in the United States began just fifty years ago, in 1920. By 1925 there were 3 million radios in American homes. By 1940 these had increased to over 45 million, and now there are an estimated 275 million radios in the United States. That is more than one radio per person! Indeed, radio broadcasting has been an anchor of the oldest technology of information sharing in history. In Australia there is a unique system of broadcasting.

As in most other countries, however, there is the usual commercial broadcasting arrangement, Australia having more than one hundred commercial radio stations. Since the stations are dependent upon the advertisers, the advertisers to a great extent determine the type of program. When the programs are slanted toward the majority preference, the quality can deteriorate. Today, as technology opens up its doors to wider array of choices, radio broadcasting systems has also been subjected to the huge changes.

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Broadcasting Innovations
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As the Internet becomes widely available to almost everyone in the world, it is also a challenge for radio broadcasting companies to create organizations available through the said innovative design of technology. One of the questions needed to be considered regarding this issue is the possibility of putting up a virtual radio broadcasting company. Truly, a physically structured broadcasting company has a better chance of being controlled.
On the other hand, a virtual broadcasting company has a wider scope of audiences, making it possible for broadcasting activities to reach a wider array of listeners thus making the broadcasting activity more feasible and effective in many terms. In terms, a physically structured broadcasting company is beneficial, but a virtual company would be more effective for a broadcasting job to reach the vast population who would find it interesting to appreciate the service offered by broadcasting companies.
Surely, broadcasting companies who would accept to face the challenge of creating a virtual company should gain necessary knowledge on the applications needed to pursue such an organization. Bibliography Sterling Quinlan. Inside ABC: American Broadcasting Company’s rise to power. Hastings House. Hilary Potkewitz. (2005). Coming together: networks dive into new media formats. (American Broadcasting Companies Inc. ties up with Apple Computer Inc. ). Thompson Gale.


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