Lashawna Green 09/18/12 Essay #1 Paul David Hewson aka: “Bono Bono gives other activist and singers a run for their money. Being the lead singer of the pop rock sensation U2 comes with extraordinary responsibilities. I found the acts of Bono extremely generous because I think he is the best singer producing angelic and pure sounds, his willingness to give to others with his time and money, and his international notabilities as an iconic mogul. The music of Bono can stir a blackened heart with fear and hate and implant hope and forgiveness.
To me U2 music could lead a worldwide peace seminar. The song “Beautiful Day”, has to be my favorite because it just puts a smile on my face. Music like this appeals to me a great deal. The smooth sweet melody that makes me feel as though I’m on a cloud of happiness makes this song standout. And some fans of U2 could agree that Bono’s voice blends well with the musical sounds of the band. And their style has spun out so many great artist and musician. Like the band Coldplay’s music has greatly been influenced by Bono’s band. Known for his contribution worldwide Bono is a mogul.
There are few people in the music industry who have the presence of Bono. The Irish front man of U2 knows no limitations when it comes to fighting poverty and hunger, and is constantly in direct contact with world leaders and policy makers in his quest to make the world a better place. He raises money to donate to charities and he has held concerts to also raise money to give the proceeds to charities as well. Bono showed the world the pretty side to rock stardom. Not with all the beautiful ladies surrounding him or even a drunken night of trashing the occasional hotel.

No he showed us an activist, someone trying to make a difference with his star power and commenting present. He is a powerful person media industry, because he tells other stars to help put and he gets his family involved. Celebrities and famous musicians could say they’ve given a large sum of money to a charity. But how many of them can honestly say they physically get out there and help with the cause? I know at least one that could definitely say they’ve helped out in such a way. Yeah, you guessed it Oprah. Oh I mean Bono. And even his family helps as well.
Like when he developed an education program with his wife, Ali, that used one-act plays and songs to spread information on health, hygiene, and other issues. Bono and his wife had to take time and careful planning to want to inform the natives in Africa of these hardships in their homeland. It shocks me how he is fine with the idea that he could get exposed to the same harmful diseases that the people in the villages have, but he wants to help those who aren’t exposed. This makes him a brave and courageous human being looking out for the well-being of others who aren’t as educated as he has been. “One love, one blood.
One life, you got to do what you should. One life, with each other. Sisters, brothers”- One by U2. These simple lyrics from their most critically acclaimed song that states where Bono’s inner most thought on how the world should be carried throughout everyday life. His message rings deep within me. We as a nation and as a world shouldn’t focus on our difference and help those in serious need. We are one! Bono shows us that there is still goodness and wholesome hearts in humanity. Helping with local charity organizations could be all that normal citizens can offer but that’s more than nothing right?

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