This article is with Hugh Jackson on how he has transformed so much form the first X-Men movie to the recent one X-Men Wolverine 2. He was intended to become a MAMA fighter but he chose to become an actor. In the first X-Men he was in shape but not a muscular. When Hugh Jackson knew he was going to be in more of the X-Men series he thought to himself that a Wolverine should be a beast and strong. So that’s what he intended to do he started to work out a lot.
Jackson started to eat a lot healthier and watched what he ate so he can be in the best shape for the next movie. He tells you how he works out on some days he would go for repetition on the weight from 8-10 reps and others he would go heavy 1-5 reps. He also told the author how he has so less body fat, he did this phase called cutting. Analysis I do agree on how Hugh Jackson work out because I do the exact same thing. The first thing is that he would bulk up which means put on some weight before the season begins.
After you are done bulking you go into a cutting phase which means that you will lose a lot of that fat and turn it into a muscular fit look. Hugh Jackson and I have a lot of things In common such as eating working out and Just watching our figure. He would work really hard to get that great body that everyone wants and even more Impressive he Is at the age of 44 and he Is still pushing up as much weights as the teenagers. That’s really Impressive for his age.

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