Bmw Marketing Mix

History: The origins of BMW trace back to 1913 when Karl Friedrich Rapp, who was a Bavarian(well-known engineer in a German aircraft company in Munich. The company specialized in airplane engines. But it was a problematic area. He had a financial difficulties and decided to form new company owners Franz-Jozef Popp and financier Camillo Castiglioni and relaunched Motoren Werke and because Rapp was Bavarian there was a new name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke (BFW) was formed after a short time the name was changed to BMW and from the beginnig they started to produce airplane engines.
At the beginning of the 20? s BMW slapped their logo, which is unchanged until today. After the 2. world war the treaty of versailles prohibited BMW to switch to manufacturing air brakes for railway cars. After this treaty company started to focus on developing motorcycles engines. Ower a 2 years they built 2 motorcycle models(Victoria, Flink) and after this they built their first BMW factory. Two-wheeled vehicles quickly turned into four-wheeled ones in 1928. With their motorcycles they made world records, because they were the fast motorcycles.
In 1932 they launch new car model 3/20 PS. As time passed by, BMW got bigger and bigger and, shortly before the Wold War II outbreak, took over some more factories in the vicinity of Berlin. Due to BMW’s versatility and need for mechanized faming implements and spare parts, the first BMW bicycle was born. They started to export their motorcycles to new york in 2 decades. The last one at the beginning of the 40? s. The 1955 Isetta, powered by a 12/13 hp motorcycle engine, becomes a favorite among customers.

Over 160,000 units are sold, transforming the Isetta into a symbol of the post-war decade. They had a lot of technological improvements on their cars. With the help of Herbert Quandt, BMW, still a share-owned company, is brought one step closer to independence. The 60’s brought a multitude of achievements with the 1500 and 1600 series, as well as a range of new sedans, the 2500, 2800, American Bavaria and the 2. 5 CS and 2800 CS coupe models. Production lines that would become worldwide pieces of success soon came out, such as the 6 and 7 series and the recently reconstructed BMW M1 model.
By the end of the 70’s, BMW had dug deep into other car-improvement related fields as well, and electronics proved to be the perfect ground for growing BMW’s next generation of computerized car devices. Economic fuel research then became top priority. Research started to be heavily reinforced and reached new uncharted areas through the employment of over 6,000 people. Once the Z1 one came along, the profits kept pile-up trend. Caring for the customer and staying ahead of competition was proof enough that BMW had turned into a true, mature brand. Business development:
BMW has various sources for research and product development: A well known BMW location is the Engineering Center (FIZ) in Munich. This institution was launched in 1987, implementing the idea of co-location. Co-location stands for bringing together all people into one site, who are concerned with the product development process, incl. suppliers. Nowadays about 5,000 researchers, engineers and technicians are working at the FIZ. A design studio in California, which provides trendy designs from one of the most creative places of the world. A project team in Japan, which serves as an antenna into Japanese technical developments.
BMW-Technik GmbH, which was launched in 1985 and is responsible for idea generation off-site, equipped with own design facilities, acoustic wind tunnel and various other facilities for noise reduction. This company employs about 100 people. Company mission and business focus: Reading the BMW Group mission statement, it’s easy to understand why the BMW Group is clearly associated with premium products, premium prices, and premium experiences. The BMW mission statement is… The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. Beyond that, each brand of vehicle under the BMW Group umbrella has its own distinct brand identy… BMW Brand – “The BMW brand stands for one thing: sheer driving pleasure. Sporting and dynamic performance combined with superb design and exclusive quality. ” MINI Brand – “The MINI brand wins hearts and turns heads. MINI is refreshingly different: extroverted, spontaneous and in every respect something out of the ordinary. ” “For over 100 years, motor cars of the Rolls-Royce brand have stood for truly outstanding engineering, quality and reliability.
The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. ” Focus: he concept of premium will be increasingly defined through sustainability in the future. BMW, like no other brand, will still stand for vitality and driving pleasure in the future. But it will also represent efficiency and environmental friendliness. .. We have introduced our fuel-saving technology, Efficient Dynamics, as a standard feature in all series. It uses start-stop technology, brake-force energy recovery and other methods to drastically reduce fuel consumption, while at the same providing more power.
We call this “Sheer Driving Pleasure 2. 0. MARKETS OF BMW The main markets for BMW automobiles have been in Europe, the USA, Japan and the Pacific region, with the markets of Germany and the US accounting for almost half the total car sales. Important markets have also been the fast-growing UK, and the Italian, French and Japanese markets. Sales in the USA market have been particularly successful, as they grew by over 8 per cent on the previous year to 277,000, becoming the biggest market for the group and overtaking the Lexus brand for the first time.
At the end of 2003, the outlook for 2004 by group management and industry observers was upbeat. This view was supported by the successful launch of the new 5-series, the consolidation in Europe and Asia of the BMW Z4, the introduction of the BMW X3. The new BMW 1 Series and the BMW 6 Series cabriolet were launched early in 2004. By far the most successful models were the MINI, the 3-series and the 5-series, but the other models were also in significant demand. In the Chinese markets there was growing demand for the higher end models of the range, specifically for 7-series and 5-series
Target customers: Upper middle class — professional employees at the upper part of corporate ladder such as financial analysts Product policy: Assortment: cars: BMW 1 series (3, 5 door, coupe, convertible), BMW 3 series (sedan, coupe, convertible, touring, compact) BMW 5 series (sedan, touring) BMW (coupe, grand coupe, convertible) BMW 7 series (sedan) BMW X1-X6, BMW Z4 roaster, BMW M series( 3,5,6) also MINI :MINI is one of the most entertaining cars on the road, with dynamic performance and handling and an unmistakable appearance that makes it instantly recognisable.
It is currently available in a range of models including: MINI Hatch (MINI One, MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper D, MINI Cooper S), MINI John Cooper Works, MINI Convertible (MINI One Convertible, MINI Cooper Convertible, MINI Cooper S Convertible) and MINI Clubman (MINI Cooper D Clubman, MINI Cooper Clubman, MINI Cooper S Clubman). MINI is produced in England and is now sold in over 70 countries worldwide. The Rolls–Royce Motor Cars :Rolls-Royce launched the Drophead Coupe in 2007 which has a V / 12 / 48 engine, reaches a top speed of 149 mph and does 0-100km/h in 5. 9 seconds. The Rolls-Royce Phantom features a 6. 5 litre light alloy V12 engine that provides 460PS (453bhp) of power. Rolls–Royce also launched the Centenary Experimental 100 EX and the limited edition Centenary Phantom in 2004. Summer 2008 saw the production of the new Phantom Coupe, the most driver-orientated model in the Phantom line. Motorcycles: SPORT, TOUR, ROASTER,ENDURO,URBAN MOBILITY SPORT: S1000 RR, K 1300S TOUR: F800GT, R 1200RT, K 1600GT, K 1600GTL, ROASTER: F800R, R1200R ENDURO: G 650 GS, S 650 GS sertao, F 800 GS, R 1200 GS, R 1200GS adventure URBAN MOBILITY: C 600 sport, C 650 GT Scooters: BMW C 600 Sport BMW C 650 GT
BMW C EVOLUTION e-Scooter Acessories: DVD systems, radios, car care, lights, navigations,air condition… Clothes Quality: in 2008 BMW received a score of 3 out of a possible 5 points in the averaged category of Overall Quality( like ford, kia, nissan) Logo: The BMW logo consists of a thick black ring encircled by a silver lining. The letters ‘BMW’ are inscribed in a non-serif font in the top half of the black ring. The gap within the ring is divided into four equal alternative blue and white quarters. The BMW logo, commonly known as “roundel”, was created and registered in 1917.
The created logo design is remarkably simple and projects an identity that is smart, clear, sporty and image-conscious. It is one of the most distinctive logo designs in the world, speaking highly of a brand-led company. The 1929 Dixi was the first vehicle to carry the famous BMW logo. The BMW logo has been altered very rarely and minutely and has maintained its original look throughout the company’s history. Here are some of the logos that have been used since 1917. People think that the BMW logo is based on a rotating airscrew. The origin of this interpretation is the cover of a BMW aircraft magazine.
This picture (shown below) was taken in 1929, years after the logo first came into existence. BMW chose the Bavarian national colours as a symbol Innovations: BMW Innovations With a constantly updated menu of inspired new technologies and products, BMW is leading the charge in automotive evolution. We engineer our renowned vehicle lineup to be the most advanced in the world. And we continuously push the limits of efficiency and performance. We do this because our goal is not to be ahead of the curve; we are determined to be ahead of everything else on the road. Connected Drive:
BMW is focused on connecting you, the driver, in meaningful ways to your vehicle, and to your world at large. Intelligent innovations provide you with unprecedented mobility, so you enjoy the best possible combination of safety, comfort, entertainment, and – above all – driving pleasure. Head-Up Display: BMW’s full-colour Head-Up Display projects critical driving information, such as speed, directions, and alerts, directly in your field of vision, so distraction is minimized. This virtual image appears approximately two metres ahead of you, at the end of the hood, seamlessly integrating into whatever scenario your find yourself in.
Your eyes and attention stay focused on the road, where they rightfully belong. BMW Apps: Introducing a new way to stay in touch. With the BMW Apps you can bring Facebook, Twitter, your calendar, or even your favourite web radio station into your car on the iDrive screen. Your Control Display can show the latest status updates from your Facebook or Twitter account, as well as upcoming events, while the car’s audio system can read them out using the text-to-speech function. Get ready for the next generation of mobile communication and entertainment – with your iPhone and BMW ConnectedDrive
BMW Concierge: There’s much more than just a welcoming voice on the other end of BMW Concierge. Whether you’re looking to book a flight or hotel, find the nearest ATM, or make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, our customer relations agents are always there for you. BMW Concierge is available 24/7 and transfers address data directly to the Navigation System of your BMW. And in case of emergency, BMW Assist is equipped with a host of helpful tools, including Emergency Request, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Remote Door Unlock, Advanced Automatic Collision Notification, Stolen Vehicle Recovery, and more.
Night Vision: Your command of the road doesn’t end when the sun sets. BMW Night Vision is our exclusive infrared technology that allows you to see through the dark, up to a class-leading 300 metres ahead. Objects, animals, and pedestrians are instantly distinguished, leading you to safer nighttime driving. Google MyInfo: Use Google Maps to send points-of-interest information directly to your BMW using your e-mail address and BMW Assist account.
Find restaurants, friends’ homes, or even the location of your next meeting. With Google Maps, you can send any destination to your vehicle from your computer, and then accept the information into the Navigation System once in your car. You can even call your destination using Bluetooth integration by selecting the displayed telephone number. http://www. bmwvictoria. ca/BMW/Innovations/tabid/206/Default. aspx tam videa Services: Financing, insurance,credit cards, leasings, Pricing policy: Price strategy-

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Bmw Marketing Mix
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