Birds of Feathers Stick Together

I have never hunted day in my life,or even liked to watch hunting shows. But wen I saw a commercial for the television show Duck Dynasty, I had to watch just because it looked so hilarious. Now I watch the show every time its on, even the ones that I have seen over and over and still laugh just like its the first time seeing it. Duck Dynasty is for anyone that likes duck hunting,comedy,drama,and life lessons. Duck Dynasty focuses on a reality television hit on A&E Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm. Duck Dynasty’s third season ‘s final episode brought in a 9. 6 million in viewers compared to American Idol, who had a 3. million in viewers in their last episode (James Hibber) . That makes Duck Dynasty the highest viewed reality television show. Phil Robertson established the family business. He crafted the first duck call in 1973, In a small run down shed out back of his home in Louisiana. Willie, Phil s’ son with his business degree took and turned the small low budgeted operation and turned it in to a multimillion-dollar business the Duck Commander. Before the guys of Robertson family starter the Duck Commander business, they filmed their own hunts and sold them on video tapes.
The Robertson family was also on the outdoor channel on a show called “BENELI PRESENTS DUCK COMMANDER” back in the 80’s. Phil told ABC news ”We use to have a reality show but it was just a bunch of rednecks shooting duck”. Patriarch Phil and Willie are only two of the Dynasty’s family members. Jase titled(Willies brother)and Jep(Willies other brother) also help with the family business. Jase is the COO of the company he he runs the manufacturing of the parts, Jase fabricates the calls making sure each one is finely hand tuned. Jase is always trying to pull some kind of shenanigan over Willies head and trying to get out of work.
His motto is duck hunting,family,and god. Jep helps put the duck calls together, he is the editor and cameraman for the family business. He is able to think like a hunter behind the camera to catch excellent footage for their Duck Men DVD. Jep is Miss Kay baby . Miss Kay, Phil’s wife is the head of the family. What Miss Kay says goes. Miss Kay is a little bit of aunt Bee and a hint of Roseann to spice thing up. She thinks her cooking is a gift and should be shared,so most nights she will cook up a big feast for the whole family, sometimes for the entire neighbor hood.

Wives of Jase, Willie and Jep have to infuse a bit of sanity to the proceedings. Then we have Si the crazy uncle, Phil’s youngest brother and best friend . Si has the job of fashioning the reeds, the most important part of a duck call is the reed its what makes the duck sound. Si is a Vietnam war vet who loves to tell crazy unbelievable stories and say thing like “HEY”ADN “JACK”. Duck Dynasty is part of up coming category titled Redneck television thrown in to the mass of My Redneck Vacation , But the two’s comparisons can can only go so far.
Yes both shows have southern accents and redneck past times. Redneck vacation focuses on an extended southern family, that takes their southern hospitality and traditions to the uppity lifestyle of the Hamptons, but still highlights on how they can manage to get along despite the differences in culture. Redneck vacation has salty language ,violence,and drinking is visible . The show makes fun of rednecks as opposed to showing its lifestyle. Duck Dynasty also features the family being a little out of the ordinary to most of its viewers tuning in.
We watch the Robertson’s tromp threw the backwoods hunting duck, fishing, blowing tings up like beaver damns. But what saves Duck Dynasty from the Redneck Vacation fate, Is Dynasty’s characters are in on the joke so that no one is getting hurt. Some of the situations at hand may seem to be fashioned for television and everyone know it and seem to play their positions well. As you watch the show you might fall down laughing at the family’s redneck phenomena, but you may also be a little jealous of them . The Robertson’s do pick on one another but only out of family admiration.
They all give a helping hand and enjoy sharing astonishing meals; They never shy from their religious belief . No its not a perfect show bathroom humor is not uncommon with this clan, We do hear some references to sex mainly when Phil is giving one of the grand-kids a lecture. After sitting down and watching the show it didn’t make me want to go out and hunt duck,blow things up or even eat squirrel brain stew. But it did make me want to pull a chair up to the Robertson’s table and exchange laugh’s with the family instead of at them .

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Birds of Feathers Stick Together
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