Barriers Can Limit Access to Opportunity

Barriers can limit access to opportunity (Health and Culture diversity) When it comes to achieving opportunity, many people have to face barriers or challenges. For example, a child from a poor family background might have a goal of going to medical school and graduating with a medical degree. But in this case, the barrier could be financial. Likewise, a person moved from his country to another country for work. He found difficulty in understanding his colleagues who speak a strong regional or national accent.
This could be a communication barrier and might be challenging to him. These barriers can limit access to opportunity. Nurses work with patients from a range of ethnic, cultural and religious groups and a people from diverse social backgrounds. So nurses need to know enough about diverse groups to develop an awareness that enhances planning and caring for patients. According to the nursing code of ethics, her primary commitment is to the patient whether an individual, family, group, or community.
She is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care. For example, a language barrier can be a challenge while provide quality care to patient. According to the nursing code of ethics, a patient has right of appropriate care, hence the nurse can confront with this barrier by assigning an interpreter who can work as a communicator between the nurse and the patient. It helps the patient to explore the real problem that is he facing.

And a nurse can apply an appropriate method for his promotive, preventive and curative services which are the basic right of the patient. A Patient can also be from a different culture than that of the nurse. Hence, this could also act as a challenge while providing quality care. So she has to confront this situation by gaining more knowledge about the culture of the patient and respecting the patient’s morals and values. Failure to understand and manage social and cultural differences may have significant health consequences for people of diverse backgrounds.

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Barriers Can Limit Access to Opportunity
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