Audience essay

            Fourth graders are children around the age of nine, and usually this is a time of general confusion for kids. They usually put some distance between themselves and adults, even their parents. They are a bit rebellious against the authorities, and may often do things their way rather than follow instructions. Fourth graders seek independence from their parents or guardians, and would try to do things without seeking their help. However, they need to be a part of a group in order to socialize with their peers. At this age, they have high activity level and are fond of playing. They are able to express a wide range of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and many more. They are also able to verbalize their feelings easily, often being vocal of what they think and feel. At this age, they are able to think independently and critically, though they would often rely to what their peers would say or do. They have an increased sense of truthfulness, as they are easily able to speak their mind about what they think and feel, though they are typically not self-confident (PBS Parents, 2008).
            In math, fourth graders are able to read and write very large whole numbers, as they are also able to compare and use the basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with these numbers (Teacher Vision, 2007). They are expected to do more equations involving fractions and decimals, as they also learn about prime and composite numbers. These fourth graders solve factors and multiples problems and are also given basic introduction to geometry. They are to explore formulas for finding the perimeter and area of various geometric figures, and are also measuring angles. They are also introduced to simple conversion problems like the number of minutes in one hour or seconds in a minute. They are also able to read and construct graphs, tables, and charts from whatever data that they collect.

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