Audience and Purpose Essay

Read the description of the essay requirements on p. 13-14 which asks you to choose an issue and write TWO different essays to TWO different audiences about the same topic. 

Take a look at this helpful page to get you started: “Writing a First Draft Appropriate to Purpose and Audience”, in particular, noting whether your purpose is to inform, explain, or persuade, along with helpful tips 

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Audience and Purpose Essay
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Just like you wrote to different audiences in the Audience and Purpose Exercise in the assignment, do the same thing in these two short papers.  There must be TWO essays (on one document) clearly aimed at TWO different audiences as evidenced by a distinction in content, language, tone, and style. Don’t just say “To X” and “To Y” – make it clear by the writing. 

* NOTE: Although sources are not required, if you choose to include facts, information, or references to people or events, then correct MLA citations are REQUIRED. Failure to include correct and appropriate MLA in-text citations and a Works Cited List will result in a failing essay grade and could result in a charge of plagiarism. 

Here is a link to a helpful Documentation pageon which you will find resources to help you cite correctly. 

* Note The essay submission policy is strictly enforced: NO late essays accepted, and ALL essays must be submitted to continue in the course or receive course credit. NO exceptions. If the essay is not submitted by the deadline, you will become ineligible to continue in the course. This is NOT open to negotiation


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