Assume You Have Been Tasked To Lead A Large E

After hat entered my e-mail address and enter the code which they provided and signed up for my account. En, capture a screen and cut and paste the screen into a Word or Powering document. Describe your screen-capture experiences here. Screen capturing for me was an easy process. I chose a screen to capture and clicked on the print screen button. After that pasted the screen to a Microsoft word document by clicking on the right button of the mouse and clicking paste. Discuss how you might integrate screen captures into your future work.

I plan to use crescendos in a variety of ways. As an instructor I plan to use corrections to review assignments with my future students. I can take a picture of what needs to be pointed out and discuss it with my voice to let students get a feel for what I am saying. I also plan to use it to shows students how to do certain things such as showing them how to navigate a new application and model expectations for assignments. We can discuss math problems by using step by step techniques and we can also discuss the multiple steps of the writing process.

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Assume You Have Been Tasked To Lead A Large E
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