Assignment #3: Research “Conference” Presentation and Infographic

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For this assignment, you will use at least two peer-reviewed journal articles (you may use more 

than two). At least one article must be quantitative. You may use articles that you selected for 

Assignment #1 (Quantitative) and Assignment #2 (Qualitative) OR you may use two newly 

identified empirical peer-reviewed articles to create a presentation that synthesizes research on a 

social or practice problem. This presentation should include an infographic that clearly conveys 

the findings of the research in a way that will enhance a social worker’s understanding of a social 

or practice problem. Your infographic can be an illustration of the statement of the problem, data 

on prevalence or causes of the problem, or main findings of the research, or a combination of 

these three criteria. The presentation format will conform to the suggested guidelines below 

using no more than 10 slides (approximately 1 minute per slide):

1.   Presentation Title

2.   Statement of the social or practice problem

3.   Data on prevalence and causes of the social or practice problem 

4.   Main findings of the research 

5.   Implications and recommendation for social work practice 

attached are the examples of infographic 


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