Assignment Unit Critique Essay

This brings a number advantages and disadvantages. Advantages Disadvantages Increases motivation ( when somebody gets raised, other employees become motivated to work hard in order to prolong their career in the organization), this can also raise the productivity of a firm More cost effective Less time consuming People already familiar with the business and how it operates (which in turn saves costs for training staff) Business already knows the strengths and weaknesses of candidates.
Higher amount of salaries to be paid Competition for better vacancy between employees may prevent them from efficient team work and so damage a firm Causes other vacancies in your organization to be filled May cause resentment amongst candidates not appointed Limits the number of potential applicants External Recruitment – is a process of filling existing job vacancies with people from outside of the organization.
This also brings a number of advantages and disadvantages to the firm. Advantages Outside people may bring new creative ideas argue pool of workers from which to find the best candidate People from outside may have a wider range of experience Bringing in fresh talent from outside of the company roster can help motivate the current employees to achieve more in hopes of obtaining the next promotional opportunity. More time-consuming More expensive process due to advertising. Ewe staff trainings costs and interview required Selection process may occur to be not effective enough in order to reveal the lost candidate Job center – is a place where people who are looking for work can go to get advice on finding a job, and to look at advertisements placed by people who are looking for new employees. Reference: http://www. Illuminations. Com/dictionary/English/job-centre Recruitment agency – is a business that works for organizations to find people for jobs when the organizations need them.

Reference: http:// Consultant – a person who is not employed by the business, but brought in to provide advice. Applying for a job There are several ways Of how people could apply for a job. These include application online (e. G. Via email or by the professional en;irking site), by telephone conversation and in person. To apply for a job in CEQ candidates have first to fill in the application form including C.V. and references, they then deed to email a covering letter to the school.
All the applicants will then be shortlist and some will be invited for an interview where the second stage of selection process takes place. To apply for a job to 02, people have to write a covering letter and send it via email or upload to the website where job advertisement is published. Then they need to ring the firm and talk to the firm’s representative in order to find out more detailed information on the recruitment process for this particular job. Where CEQ advertises The college advertises its vacancies on their website and on the TEST website ND TEST newspaper.
There is a significant benefit coming from advertising on the CEQ website as it is free and so enables all people who are interested in working for CEQ to look at information about the school and be aware of when a vacancy occurs. Advertising on the TEST website and their newspaper is expensive, however, it is a good value for money as it is a national newspaper and the website can be accessed internationally, and so CEQ will reach its target market The only disadvantage is the cost of advertising through TEST.
The cost, though, should outweigh the number of applicants applying for a job. Internal recruitment for CEQ Internal recruitment in CEQ takes place when someone takes a maternity leave, when someone is promoted and the vacancy arises or when a cover needed (such as for long term sickness). There is also a possibility of transferring boarding staff or teachers from one place to another if his/her skills and specifications allow this to happen. So, for example, house parent of Sixth Form girls’ boarding house with a time and experienced gained may become the Head of Sixth Form Girls.
Such a high vacancy imposes more responsibilities and so requires a perfect understanding of all the school rules ND their application to student Therefore, internal recruitment occurs to be more suitable, as candidate is already familiar with his responsibilities. This method of recruitment is also much quicker, as it’s easier to find suitable candidate, as they all have been through selection process. External recruitment for CEQ In order to recruit workers externally, CEQ can use the recruitment agencies (such as Hays Recruitment), this will help to choose suitable candidate from a variety of applications.
It saves time, as the agency does the selection process part and then matches employers to employees. This method of recruitment ay be used in CEQ when the college decides to provide new subject, therefore qualified staff has to be hired. Also CEQ may recruit externally if it needs to expand its labor force, this usually happens when the number of students in school increases. New experienced candidates may bring new teaching techniques or creative ideas. However, External type of recruitment is more expensive, as advertising takes place through mass media.
Internal recruitment for 02 02 is a large company and so has a huge number of employees, therefore it may be easier for 02 to recruit internally choosing from a wide range of its in- Tate applicants. This enables the firm to save time and money (e. G. Training costs), as the candidate is already familiar with the system and how it does work, so he can effectively work towards the aims and objectives of the company. 02 may also decide to promote an employee, therefore vacancy will arise and workers will become more motivated.
External recruitment for 02 02 can recruit externally using a phone interviews in order to seek more applicants; it then needs to monitor candidates in order to narrow the number of applicants who then will be invited for an interview. When needed o recruit externally 02 may place its advertisement in different job centers to attract potential worker’s attention, it also may invite recruitment consultants in order to select an appropriate candidate for a job.
Those consultants interview the candidates, check their backgrounds, whether they were involved in crime or not and finally match them to company. 3. Planning and conducting recruitment Vacancies may arise due to the number of reasons such as: Creation of new job position Promotion of an employee which may cause a chain reaction of vacancies down the hierarchy High unemployment rates Salary difference between the competitors. New business requirements Low productivity and big workload Lack of high-qualified workers.
CEQ vacancies may arise when someone go on maternity leave or become promoted, a new subject may be introduced in the school, increasing number of students, staff may leave or be retired which causes a staff turnover. When a high turnover due to introducing new job titles takes place, CEQ is likely to recruit externally. Similarly, 02 may fill the jobs gaps by recruiting externally if someone has a long-time sickness or when the business is expanding. An example of recent job vacancy in CEQ: Reference: http://www. Jackboots. Co. UK/job/626096/chef/ Example of recent vacancy in 02: Reference: http://www. Ethologic. Com/Jobsharer/ Unintentionally. Asps? Job I d lye Candidates can apply for these vacancies online using the websites in the links. When matching themselves to the personal specification and satisfied with the job description, they will then upload their C.V. to the website and wait for the invitation for the interview to Come. 4. Conclusion Considering all the information found in the research, we can conclude that both external and internal methods of recruitment have their downsides at en time while can benefit the company at another.
To my mind, the external recruitment is more suitable for 02 as it is the international company which has its franchised stores all around the world so due to geographical immobility of most part of its current workers they will need to recruit people from outside anyway. External recruitment is also linked with ass’s aim to expand. While CEQ is the local business and so it’s more likely to prefer to use internal method of recruitment in order to save money and time (for training and selection process) and have staffs with an experience of working for CEQ.
However, there are also exceptions of the rule. So, whether to recruit externally or internally fully depends on the specific situation. So, it’s really important to consider the aim of the firm, the type of the vacancy it needs to find the candidate for, it’s time and financial resources to go through recruitment process when deciding which method of recruitment is more appropriate. Task 2 1. Introduction to the Business department 2013-14 Here Mrs. Bradford-Ryder -?The head of Business, Economics, CIT and Enterprise introduces the Business department 2013-2014.
As we can see, a to of plans have been developed including changes in B ETC Business course structure. As a student I faced these changes when I first arrived to the school. The Business department grown rapidly due to the increasing number of students willing to take courses in a Business & Economics related areas. Staff had to be recruited internally, as some previous fill-time staff left for other jobs, a maternity leave had to be covered and also some of the staff have been promoted.
Due to those changes the new system was introduced in order to keep up With the productivity of Business Department 2. Explanation of changes to the department and reasons behind the need to recruit staff internally and externally From these overprints we can see how Business department has experiencing changes in order to comply with development plan and achieve all of its targets. As the number of students increased rapidly, they recruited externally new workers in order to expand their labor force and so to provide Economics and business lessons to all students who seek this .
By introducing new job titles such as Key Stage 4 Student Progress Coordinator they became able to control and record student SUccess or help them to solve robber more effectively. Working with individuals will with a time which increases the productivity of the whole Key Stage. The promotion of staff (which is internal method of recruitment) will motivate other members of Department work more efficiently in order to experience promotion in future, high motivation may increases productive of work for the whole department. While internal recruitment took place, the new job gaps arose and caused the department to hire even more new workers.

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