Assignment project concerning E-Busi.Strategies&Busi. Models


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Assignment project concerning E-Busi.Strategies&Busi. Models
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To assess your understanding for E-Business strategies and business model.

Action Items:

Choose any business organization of your interest and analyze it accordingly

Attempt to answer the questions of the following related to your organization. (Note: Questions should be in the serial order with references wherever is required).

1.      Define the 9 Building blocks of your organization with the responsibility of each block?

2.      What are the key challenges that your company face during the strategy formulation process?

3.      Explain the impact of the internet on the macro-environment on your company?

4.      Review the impact of the internet on the five forces industry framework?

5.      What is a competence and what criteria does it need to fulfil in order to qualify as a core competence?  What make a competence distinctive for e-business?

6.      Analyse the value chain of an e-commerce venture that you are familiar with. Explain how the internet has impacted on the primary and secondary activates of its value chain?

7.      Explain how the internet can help your company to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace thorough

a.      Cost leadership.

b.      Differentiation.

8.      What possible ways can your companies consider taking to deal effectively with disruptive innovation?





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