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APA format
1. Discuss the role of the configuration control board (CCB) in the process of configuration control using the text Internet and/or your job as reference for full credit

Submission Instructions: The paper must be at least 300 words.

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2. Examine and summarize your community, state or country’s rules for search and seizure of criminal evidence. What concerns to you have after reading them?
Submission Instructions: The paper must be at least 350 words.

3. You are the computer forensics investigator for a law firm. The firm acquired a new client, a young woman who was fired from her job for inappropriate files discovered on her computer. She swears she never accessed the files.  You have now completed your investigation. Using what you have learned from the text and the labs, complete the assignment below.  You can use your imagination about what you found!
Write a one page report describing the computer the client used, who else had access to it and other relevant findings.  Reference the tools you used (in your imagination) and what each of them might have found.
Submission Instructions: The paper must be at least 800 words.


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