1) What is the main purpose of a LAN? 
2) Name the four common LAN topologies. Which two topologies are the most popular? 
3) What is probably the most common application on a LAN? 
4) What is a SAN? 
5) What transmission medium is used in a PAN?
6) What is the main advantage of a mesh network? 
7) What is the main advantage of coaxial cable over twisted-pair cable?
8) Name the two types of twisted-pair cable. 
9) What wire sizes are common in twisted-pair cable?
10) Name the connector most widely used with twisted-pair cable in LANs. 
11) What circuitry is used to connect a PC to a network? 
12) What piece of equipment is used to connect two LANs using the same formats or protocols?
13) What is an Ethernet switch, and what benefit does it offer? 
14) What is a hub? 
15) List the six Ethernet transmission speeds. 
16) Name the basic topology of Ethernet. 
17) What is the name of the line encoding method used with Ethernet, and why is it used? 
18) Name the two main types of cables used with Ethernet. 
19) What is the access method used by Ethernet called? (Give the full name and the abbreviation.)
20) Explain briefly how a station gains access to the LAN when Ethernet is used.
21) What is the maximum length of data that can be transmitted in one Ethernet packet? 
22) What is the speed of Fast Ethernet?
23) In which layers of the OSI model does Ethernet work? 
24) What are the main applications of 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps? 
25) Define the MAC address. 
1) What are the basic data transmission rate of Fast Ethernet and its bit rate interval? 
2) What is the fastest Ethernet speed? 
3) Using 8B/10B encoding, what is the actual line speed of a network if the actual data rate is 10 Gbps? 
4) Networks are usually thought of in terms of general-purpose PCs in a LAN. However, other types of devices and computers are networked. Give one example. 
5) Other than speed of transmission, what three key factors influence how fast two nodes in a LAN can communicate? 

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