Assignment 2: Making Ethical Choices


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Assignment 2: Making Ethical Choices
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Assignment 2: Making Ethical Choices

Be sure that you complete all required reading and watch the video “Making Ethical Choices” before participating in this discussion. Click here to view the text transcript of the video. By the due date assigned, submit your responses to the following questions to the Discussion Area.

  • As you watched the video, in your opinion, were characters in the scenario demonstrating unethical behavior? If so, what were the specific unethical behaviors?
  • In a professional setting, do you think that Brian’s ethical behavior is any of Regina’s business? Why or why not?

After you have made your initial post, be sure to respond to two or more of your classmates with substantive comments. Be aware that a substantive discussion post for this assignment would be at least 150–200 words. Be sure to elaborate on your thoughts, bringing in terms and ideas from your text and classroom materials to support your ideas. Use the criteria list below to guide your responses to your classmates.

Complete your participation for this assignment through the end of the module.

Guidelines for responding to your classmates’ posts:

Appropriate responses may include:

  • Asking a follow-up question
  • Furthering the discussion
  • Reinforcing a response
  • Adding another dimension

Inappropriate responses include:

  • Using simple statements of agreement/disagreement
  • Making personal attacks
  • Arguing without supportive evidence
  • Making off-topic comments


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