Assignment 2

Week 2 Assignment

Application: Artifact—Case Management Plan
According to Woodside and McClam (2006), “the evidence is clear that case management is more a part of service delivery than ever before. In fact, case management is defined and mandated through federal legislation, has become part of the services offered by insurance companies, and is now accepted by helping professionals as a way to serve long-term clients who have multiple problems” (p. 4).
An important aspect about an artifact is that it should represent your best work, skill, and knowledge of a specific topic or discipline area. In order to demonstrate competency in generalist case management, human services professionals must provide evidence of his or her understanding of service coordination, including service plans, community collaboration and referral, and service termination.
For this Assignment you continue to “work with” your chosen client to create a case management plan. Think about your case management plan and how it represents your understanding of human services practice and content in general and the specific needs of your client in particular. Be sure to explore ideas of cultural competency and social change.
To Prepare for this Assignment:

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Assignment 2
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Locate the following assignments from HUMN 4001: Case Management for Persons in Need:

Application: Creating a Service Plan (from Week 2)
Application: Writing Letters of Assistance (from Week 4)
Application: Ending the Client/Case Manager Relationship (from Week 6)

Review the Instructor’s feedback from each of these Assignments.
Using the same client you chose for this week’s Discussion, think about what you would include in the case management plan for this client. Be sure to explore ideas of cultural competency and social change.

The Assignment:
Submit  a 2- page document that includes your case management plan and your analysis of your case management plan.

Briefly describe your chosen client and the life challenges they are facing.
Develop a case management plan for inclusion in your portfolio.
Analyze your case management plan in relation to human services practice.
Be sure documents are clean and free from any “track-changes” mark-ups.


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