Assign 1: Alternative Approaches to Global Supply Chains and R&D

Two of this week’s topics are international supply chain and R&D  management. The decision on where to locate various components of the  procurement and production process, including R&D activities, as  well as how to link them through a supply chain varies not only by  product but by corporate structure and philosophy.
The ECCO case study introduces several major global shoe  companies, some of which use significantly different approaches to  supply chain and R&D management.
To prepare for this Discussion, read the ECCO case study  and consider the various approaches to supply chain and R&D  management.  
By Day 3
Post your responses to the following:

Compare the different approaches described in the case study. In your analysis, address the following questions:          

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Assign 1: Alternative Approaches to Global Supply Chains and R&D
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How do they relate to the overall mission statements and corporate philosophies of the companies involved?
How do they build on core corporate capabilities  when decisions are made regarding where to source inputs, where to  produce intermediate and finished products, and where to locate  distribution facilities?
What factors affect decisions to outsource or vertically integrate?
How do the companies tap into international capabilities to promote innovation and market customization?

Based on your analysis, what recommendations or  conclusions can you make with respect to structuring ECCO’s supply chain  and R&D management? Please justify your rationale.  

General Guidance on Discussion Posts: Your original post, due by Day 3, will typically be 3–4 paragraphs in length as a general expectation/estimate


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