No marks will be awarded for the entire assignment if any part of it is found to be pied directly from printed materials or from another student. 2. All submissions should be made on or before the due date. 3. Any late submissions after the deadline will not be entertained. 4. Zero (O) mark will be awarded for late submission, unless extenuating circumstances are upheld. Scenario Computer everywhere Computers are everywhere. Watching television. Driving a car, using a credit card, even ordering fast food all involve computers, not to mention browsing the Web on your personal computer.
Your car computer is an embedded computer that can be ascribed a special-purpose, because it only accepts input and performs limited functions. Your personal computer, on the other hand, Is general-purpose, meaning It accepts a wide range of input and can perform a variety of tasks. For one day, make a list of each computer you encounter (be careful not to limit yourself Just to the computers you see). How is the computer used? Is the computer special-purpose or general-purpose? Why? How was the task the computer performs accomplished before computers? Write a detail report your finding.
The Assessment This assignment will contribute 50% towards the module marks, as mentioned In the student Assessment & Information sheet. This assignment will be evaluated based on the following criteria. Marks will be awarded based on: Criteria Weight In Package understanding Demonstrating a sound knowledge and understanding of the scenario study in I OFF 25 Research and Analysis Discussion and analysis of the process that takes place based on the scenario given. Critical thinking and Applicability This includes analysis and evaluation of facts followed by results of evaluation.

Displayed evidence of critical appraisal. Documentation and Referencing A proper documentation and references, adhering to the academic writing format as required by the university. 20 Guideline for Structure of document Prepare a document describing your analysis with appropriate diagrams, the report should be fully researched and referenced. Document the results of your work in a professional and systematic manner. Your completed documentation should meet the following requirements: 1 . Table of contents for every detailed section. 2. Abstract 3. Introduction 4. Sections . Conclusion 6.
Appendices if necessary 7. References Submission requirements 1 . Your report must be typed using wordiness’s with Times New Roman font size 12, with 1. 5 spaces. Expected length is 3,000 words and you need to include a word count at the end of the report. 2. The report has to be well presented and should be typed. Submission of report that is unprofessional in its outlook (dirty, disorganized, inconsistent look, varying colored paper and size) will not fare well when marks are allocated. 3. The report should have a one (1″) margin all around the page as illustrated below: 4.
Every report must have a front cover. A transparent plastic sheet can be placed in front of the report to protect the front cover. The front cover should have the following details:- a) Name c) Subject. D) Project Title. E) Date Assigned (the date the report was handed out). F) Date Completed (the date the report is due to be handed in). 5. All information, figures and diagrams obtained from external sources must be referenced using the Harvard referencing system accordingly. Assignment marking criteria: Distinction (75%+) Demonstrated comprehensive research with detailed evidence.
High level of analysis performed, exceptional and thorough knowledge and understanding displayed with regard to the application. This includes analysis and evaluation of facts followed by results of evaluation. Documentation presented in a professional manner, following proper sequencing and flow. Displayed evidence of critical appraisal. Credit (65-74%) Adequate research conducted with fair detail of evidence presented. Moderate level of understanding, analysis and knowledge displayed. Some level of relevance included in terms of application.
Moderate level of analysis and evaluation of facts followed by results comparison. Good level of documentation presented. Some level of reflection was evident in the documentation. Moderate level of critical appraisal. Pass (50-64%) Low level research conducted. Some evidence of research displayed. Basic level of understanding and knowledge analysis displayed. Satisfactory level of documentation. No evaluation and analysis of facts, no results comparison performed Satisfactory or low level of reflection displayed. No level of critical appraisal demonstrated.

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