Art history 3 pages( can not use outside resources!!!)


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Art history 3 pages( can not use outside resources!!!)
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For this assignment, you are to choose a topic from your book (approved by me) that you will research on the Internet.  It can be on a period of art, a style of art, or a particular work of art, architecture or artist, but it has to be from a chapter we cover in class. Not only is this paper about the topic you choose, but it is also about the experience of using the Internet as a research tool.  You are not allowed to cite any source from a book other than your text; the whole point of this assignment is exploring how the Internet can be used as a tool in aiding your knowledge on a given subject.

Please address these items in your paper using a proper format of introduction, body, and conclusion (not in the bullet-point form as they are below):

  • Why did you choose this topic? Your introduction is a good place for this.
  • Discuss the process you used in obtaining information (i.e. search engines, museum sites, etc.).
  • Was it easy to find information about this topic on the internet? If not, how did that hinder your process?
  • Do you think the internet is a helpful tool for researching art? Why or why not?


  • This paper is to be a minimum of 750 words (no more than 1000 words) written in double-spaced 12 pt. type. Please don’t go over 1000 words, as I will not read anything past that; this will help you to be concise.
  • This is more of an exercise in researching than giving me every detail about the topic you choose. Please keep the information you find about your topic to a maximum of 3/4 of a page (2-3 short paragraphs).  The rest of the paper should be about your process of finding information on the Internet.  
  • You will absolutely need to cite your sources. Any time you get information from a particular website, be sure to copy and paste the web address into your document, so I know where you got the information (see the “Plagiarism” PDF for instructions on how to cite your sources, if you don’t already know how to use MLA formatting from ENGL 101). Also, at the end of the paper (on an additional and separate page – not to be part of the 2-3 pages required), compile your sources into a works cited page. 
  • Grammar and formatting will be graded (100 points total), so be sure to proofread your papers for mistakes before handing them in.
  • Papers will neither be accepted late nor via email. You must submit them as a Microsoft Word document or PDF attachment on Canvas. Do not submit a link to Google Docs, it will not work.



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