Approaches to regulation reform 3 paragrah

 write brief description of the regulation you used in your Application Assignment this week. Then explain the approach you would take to reform the regulation and why you chose it. Be specific

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Approaches to regulation reform 3 paragrah
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Approaches to Regulation Reform

Administrative agencies are considered miniature versions of the three branches of government because they have the authority to legislate, adjudicate disputes, and enforce regulations. There are times at which regulations are ineffective, whether they are too restrictive or flexible, outdated or obsolete, overly vague, or unenforceable. Professionals inside and outside of administrative agencies may institute reform through a number of measures. Effective reform may boost economic performance, stimulate investment, or increase levels of consumer protection. Citizens, too, can influence the regulations and policies of regulatory agencies by attending public meetings and communicating with agency officials.

To prepare for this Discussion:


  • Reflect on the state regulation you used in your Application Assignment this week.
  • Consider the implications of the regulation, as you interpret it, noting any potential issues that might arise in its enforcement.
  • Think about what approach you might take to reforming the regulation if you were an administrator in the agency from which the regulation emanated.



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