Appeals Against Assessment Decisions

Appeals against assessment decisions It is the intention of XXX that the assessment process will be transparent fair and just for all learners. All learners have the right to appeal against any assessment decision. Any learner may appeal against an assessment decision if they feel: * Unfairly treated * The assessment decision to be wrong or invalid * The assessment process to be unfair or wrongly carried out * The assessment or teaching methods to be inappropriate * The assessment process to be unreliable or inconsistent * The course work and content did not meet the course outline
A copy of this policy will be publicly displayed. A copy of this policy will be provided to all learners and discussed during induction. Written records will be kept of all appeals. At any stage any learner can seek the support of an advocate or friend to assist them to deal with their appeal. The stages of the process will follow: Stage 1. In the first instance concerns should be discussed with tutor. The tutor will reply to concerns within five working days. The concern will be given both verbally and in writing. Stage 2.
If the concern is unresolved informally, the appeal or complaint can then be made in writing to the Programme Manager (Regional Volunteer Coordinator) at XXX. The appeal will be investigated, assessed and a decision will be given in writing within 14 days. Stage 3. If still not satisfied with the result of appeal a request for the appeal to be forwarded to an Appeals Committee will be granted. The committee will consist of the organisations Deputy Director, a member of the projects Steering Committee and another network member. The committee will respond to your appeal in writing within 4 weeks. The result of the Appeals Committee is final.

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Appeals Against Assessment Decisions
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