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You will complete a professional PowerPoint presentation consisting of six slides. In each slide, you will choose a leadership theory or motivational theory from your book, and describe why your chosen theory would be the most suitable to meet each of the company goals as listed below.  Please select a different theory for each company goal using any leadership style or motivation theory in the book. You may choose any company you like, as the focus of the project is on your understanding of how to evaluate and use different leadership styles to meet business goals, not the details of the company.
· Motivation theories are discussed throughout Chapter 10 on pages 240-259.
· Leadership theories are discussed in Chapter 7 on pages 180-183.
Develop a single slide for each of the following goals. Each slide should include audio or notes narrative to explain your findings and conclusions
· Goal 1: Improve quality of a product or service.
· Goal 2: Improve employee collaboration.
· Goal 3: Foster problem-solving skills in the workforce.
· Goal 4: Develop and maintain a successful workforce in a global environment.
· Goal 5: Develop strong leadership and decision-making skills in the work place.
· Goal 6: Foster adherence to organizational values, ethics, and professional responsibility.

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