answer the following questions fully

 please answer each question using at least 250 words each

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answer the following questions fully
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i will provide the link to read the chapters. the book is Transformative civic engagement through community organizing. Sterling, Virginia

1) In Chapter 3, Avila mentions the importance of understanding and using the power your “collective” has in an organization.  Analyze the power dynamics in your institution or organization as discussed in Chapter 2.  Discuss how your current role fits into this model. Where are opportunities for growth? What dynamics could cause problems that limit the effects that are realistic.

2) Neoliberalism rears its ugly[?] head in Chapter 4. Where do industry partnerships belong in relation to education? Is it possible to reconcile the changes of ever-shrinking government funding with efforts centered around CBL that don’t necessarily provide revenue opportunities?

3) Chapter 3, Question 1: On page 36 in the text, Avila talks about Integrating Community Organizing and Civic Engagement on the ground. She lists a set of assumptions from her perspective and then sums them into three main concerns. Avila argues that her three main concerns were at the heart of the culture of higher education in the early 2000’s and believes that they are still relevant today.

How do you view the validity in the authors assumptions/concerns for integrating community organizing and civic engagement? Have you had experience with any of the concerns? Explain.

4) Chapter 4, Question 3: On page 82, Avila starts discussing the benefits to building long-term relationships. She describes these relationships as being based on respect and accountability to separate them from those of relatives and close friends. Avila also explains how these relationships were crucial to her success.

How might building a long-term relationship in this sense benefit you with community organizing? Please share an example of a time you were directly impacted by such a relationship, or if you have seen this type of relationship take place somewhere?


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