Anonymous Hacker Book Report

Allow me to explain. Not that long ago there was a shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary school. It was a tragedy across the board that most of us felt. While the Anon portions of the internet (Achaean, Reedit, etc) teemed with inappropriate Jokes and disgusting humor, there was an underlining sense of outrage that could be felt in the far corners of the deep net. This didn’t come to full bloom until the Westbrook Baptist Church stepped in with their plans to protest the funerals of the dead children of Sainthood.
Immediately the same people who would post “dead kid mess” were striking out urbanely and quite harshly against the audacity of someone to tarnish the memory of kids In real life. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand about Anon and the 100 different sec groups out there trolling “newfangled” and “morals”. The net is a different world inside. Anon and everyone else do not see it as an extension of real life unless it’s to make an impact. These are the same personality types that love tagging things with spray paint. It’s all for laughs, until however it gets serious.
Westbrook Baptist Church (WEB from now on) struck a moral nerve with Anon and the est. of the hastiest community. Commander X came out of retirement, Jester (whose admittedly against Anion’s actions usually, came out in support and offered services. ) Whether It was setting up VPN for everyone to run Dodos off of or setting up old school pranks Like pizza wars or blacking out (faxing black pieces of paper to run out Ink) It went Like wildfire. It was one of the first times I’ve ever seen all the factions come together. What amazed me however was the interactive real life protests that went down.

Anonymous called for actions and the net responded in kind. Ass of people took to the streets from Anon to protest the WEB. With them members of the Hells Angels and even former military and off duty police stood in solidarity against them. What was amazing was the fact that this translated from online IIRC to real time real life protest. People broadcasted the whereabouts of the WEB van and flooded any hotel with calls, faxes and emails who dare take them in. This was then broadcasted again on Stream so the world could see Just how powerful the Internet could be. The biggest thing was Black Lotus.
A service that provided hardcore Dodos protection for invalids. This service costs a lot of money to employ and only those most fearful of an attack will get In touch wit Black Lotus. However that week they were held over a barrel. Instead of going Dodos was not an option really, what was however was the “dioxin” of the employees. Dog were accumulated in a massive pastiest that went around the net. Everyone who was poised went online and did their research. This yielded some insane results. Everything from the Coo’s address and phone number and social security number were captured.
After a bunch of threats and back and forth with YANG (Your Anonymous News) twitter account and Jackal (one of the few respected enough to lead a proper “Pop”) the company employing Black Lotus protection gave up. Instead of being dosed, they gave all the money they got from WEB to the Sandy Hook Victims fund on top of a generous donation of k. We Are Anonymous is a good book about a few isolated incidents. I don’t however find it to be indicative of what Anon is about or the other sec that work within the hastiest community. Yes we did it for the lulls, but there was a sense of “moral” to all of us.

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Anonymous Hacker Book Report
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