annotated bibliography

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topic: actual effects of dress codes, not just when they are enforced in high schools, but is aspects of everyday life:
see  attached for some reading from class.
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 all annotated bibliographies must use a minimum of 1500 words (from a combination of the abstract, and five annotated entries) 
 For this project, you will examine an ethical issue by considering and researching two or more opposed stances on a complex ethical issue. You will construct your argument from a consideration of the costs and consequences (e.g. Utilitarian ethics). See Ethical Argument Powerpoint for explanations of these ethical stances.   For the only time this semester, I am your audience for this project.  You will support all claims with empirical evidence that the consequences predicted actually exist – and exist to the degree that you suggest. You will not be able to successfully complete this project without a firm understanding of the argumentative strategies detailed in the textbook. In particular, study the logical fallacies. See the Logical Fallacies Powerpoint.  Your topic must be associated with the concept of the Digital World  However WP #3 will not be in essay format. Instead, it will take the form of an annotated bibliography, an extended works cited page which also evaluates at length the quality of the sources chosen for use in our final Essay, WP#4. This means the topic and sources you choose now will be used through the end of the semester on both remaining projects.  Annotated Bibliography The function of the annotated bibliography is to summarize and evaluate sources used in research. In order to introduce the concept of the annotated bibliography, I have prepared an introductory formula for you to follow. Please do not accept this as either the right way or the only way to create your annotations. Rather, think of it as a building block for further work.  Always start with your MLA citation, and always follow proper MLA documentation. That means that the citation must be in perfect MLA form, and the entire project must be double spaced.  The entire annotation should continue to use the hanging indentation of a basic MLA works cited entry. 
 To write an introductory annotation, follow this sentence formula: First sentence: the author’s thesis (in your own words). Second, third, and fourth sentences: a development of the author’s argument (how does she make her point? What are her key arguments?). If there are key quotes you think may fit, you can include them here. What are the consequences both pro and con when it comes to the action at hand? What (perceived principles) are in opposition to your argument? Fifth sentence and after: A rhetorical analysis (keep the evaluation argument model in mind at all times.) How successful is it at fulfilling your research needs? What will it be used for in your essay? 
 Suggestions: As always, avoid first and second person. “Summary” in academic writing does not mean “be vague.” When you summarize, take out all of the unimportant language and focus on the most specific details. Times New Roman. Typed. Double-spaced. Complete heading. No title necessary. Alphabetize list by the MLA citation. Each annotation should be a minimum of 250 words long. There is a sample annotation at the end of this prompt.  Heavy research is required for this essay. Discover, cite, and annotate five credible sources that support your argument or that provide opposing claims for you to respond to, concede to, or refute. Do not use these sources as decoration or clarification. At least two of your sources must be culled from a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. Then compose a short abstract (one page) to your annotated bibliography stating and contextualizing your ethical argument. Refer to your textbook or your style manual for instructions on MLA documentation. All sources must be authoritative; basic, popular sources will not be allowed other than newspaper articles about specific cases.  Remember that all annotated bibliographies must use a minimum of 1500 words (from a combination of the abstract, and five annotated entries) and follow the assignment format requirements set forth in the course syllabus and on earlier papers. As always, I encourage you to make use of the library and myself if you have any questions or difficulties while completing this assignment.  Grading Criteria Creates a focused, manageable, and relevant critical question or statement of purpose that requires research and critical thinking. Examines specific, appropriate, and relevant evidence in light of the critical question or statement of purpose Organizes and synthesizes evidence to create a reasoned argument that provides strong support for the critical question or statement of purpose Applies cultural understanding to the statement of purpose or critical question to reflect awareness that all discourse is culturally determined. Uses language that is appropriate to audience and rhetorical context. Utilizes correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation; documentation is complete and in appropriate format 

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annotated bibliography
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