Annotated Bibliography

The topic is Non-renewable energy. Search for four published, peer-reviewed journal articles on that topic. You will then need to read each article and summarize/evaluate the research in an annotated bibliography. The article must be properly cited. The four articles must be from four different journals. Be sure to give your paper an appropriate title so the scope of your topic is known.
An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that includes a summary of the text. The purpose of this assignment is to expose you to peer-reviewed scientific literature and assess your reading comprehension and ability to efficiently read and summarize a scientific paper. You will learn how to search for and select quality, peer-reviewed scientific papers. You will need to clearly and objectively summarize each article in a succinct manner.
Annotations should include the main arguments from the source, a summary of at least the methods, analysis, and conclusion, the approach used and any major findings, and your critical evaluation. Take care not to include any unnecessary details, as the goal is to summarize each source as succinctly as possible.
will be expected to follow MLA style formatting. Examples of MLA formatting and an explanation of annotated bibliographies can be found from the Purdue Online Writing 
Lab: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
Due date: Friday, November 7th at 4:59PM. Submit in PDF format. Length of assignment should be at least 1000 words, max 1500 words. (250 words per article is a rough guide). Students will submit through the Turnitin plagiarism checking service and similarity scores will be considered in grading. A rubric will be provided. No late papers will be accepted.

Grading Rubric
Content: Content Quality: content is succinct,   thorough, concise, well written, and organized
Writing: Writing Quality: Grammar and spelling   mistakes are minimal, good sentence structure
Requirements: Requirements fulfilled: Utilized 4   peer-reviewed scientific literature sources, from 4 different sources,  1000-1500 words
Paper Selection: Chosen papers are appropriate and provide a thorough introduction to an environmental issue
Topic: Topic addresses an environmental issue and   title adequately indicates the scope of the selected issue
Plagiarism: Low plagiarism score from Turnitin
Formatting: Formatting is correct. Proper citations, MLA   format, PDF file

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Annotated Bibliography
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