Analysis of Learning Theories

  Learning theories provide insight into the various ways in which individuals learn. Instructional theories and models describe various approaches of how one might present certain material within a learning context. Understanding the relationship between learning theories and instructional theories and models may present unique challenges for instructors designing a psychology course. A solid grounding in theories of instruction and learning ensures that instructors design and deliver effective and engaging instruction.

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Analysis of Learning Theories
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In building your knowledge base of learning theories, the Instructional Design resource will be particularly useful. This resource offers a collection of theories related to learning. As you review the various theories, consider how you can make the connection between theory and practice, bridging your theoretical knowledge of learning with your design and delivery of instruction.

For this Assignment, consider the teaching philosophy you created in PSYC 8762 – Teaching of Psychology. Visit the Instructional Design resource provided in this week’s Learning Resources and select a theory that reflects your view of how students learn.

The assignment: (3–5 pages)

  • Explain how the theory that you selected describes the process of learning.
  • Explain the relationship between the learning theory that you selected and your teaching philosophy.


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