American Red Cross: Decision For New Building

The American Red Cross is one of the very busy organizations operating both inside the country as well as in international locations. But this does not impede the movement of the internal operation of the organization that ensures that the American Red Cross is always accessible and amenable to new developments that can help it perform better as an international aid and assistance organization. One of the recent internal decisions that the organization made was the transferring of some of its sections to another location from its former business address.

The transfer will have South Central Division changing its office address, as well as key laboratory facilities and divisions of the American Red Cross including the National Testing Lab or the NTL as well as the Missouri-Illinois Blood Services Region. The previous office address of the three offices is found in 4050 Lindell Boulevard in St. Louis (American Red Cross Blood, 2008). Once the building is completed, they will transfer to a new office found in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) campus.

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American Red Cross: Decision For New Building
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The start of the timeline of this project can be attributed to the time when a study conducted six years before the official announcement of the transfer was made, yielding results that include the identification of the need for important facelift in the buildings that houses important sections of the organization, including the blood manufacturing and blood processing section. The next important point in the timeline of this project came two years ago, marking the selection of the current location after a painstaking process of narrowing down prospective location candidates that will house the new building (American Red Cross, 2008).
This decision no doubt has financial implications, including the identification of important and key costs that will surface before the project reaches completion. The two relevant costs for this particular decision of the American Red Cross to transfer to another establishment will include the cost of the construction of the building and the cost of the new technology that the American Red Cross will bring inside the building since the creation of the building is also a move to have the organization catch up with the available latest technology for its laboratories.
While the American Red Cross has not yet identified the official cost of the project, the public may have an idea already if they will base it from the previous American Red Cross projects that involve the erecting of new buildings or the purchasing of existing establishment for the organization. In 1917, the group started shopping for its first national headquarters office, and the money that was used to pay for it came from the government and from private individuals and institutions.
The result was a building budgeted at $854,897. 01. A memorial building for the organization followed in 1930, the cost of which pegged at $780,000. There is also the Fiftieth Anniversary Office Building which officially opened its doors on July 7, 1932 after the building project was completed to the tune of $850,000, again shouldered by the government and private groups.
Considering the changes in the value of the US dollar and the current costs of building construction and the amenities of the said building, it is easy to say that the new building will amount to not less than 5 million US dollars at the very least (RedCross. org, 2008). There are also some non-relevant costs in this decision, two of which includes the costs of the operation of the American Red Cross for its outreach programs inside the country and for its international operation, and the costs of the education campaign that the American Red Cross is undertaking all year long.
The costs of these two particular aspect of the American Red Cross operation is non-relevant to the recently-made decision because this aspect of the operation of the organization is in no way connected to the move of the American Red Cross, since the move will only involve part of the organization’s laboratory work, including the installation of the equipment necessary for blood testing as well as blood manufacturing.
All in all, the probable result(s) of this move will include the improvement of the operation of the group, as well as the shouldering of financial costs of the building if it is burdened to pay such amount in the long term. There are implications rising from this result(s), and it would include operation and financial implications made about by this development. References: American Red Cross (2008). Retrieved May 12, 2008, from http://www. redcross. org/ American Red Cross Blood (2008).
American Red Cross Blood Services Relocation Announcement. Retrieved May 12, 2008, from http://americanredcrossblood. org/News/NewsReleases/NewsReleaseViewer/tabid/97/ArticleID/120/CBModuleId/428/Default. aspx Handal, Kathleen A. (1992). The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook. American Red Cross. Boston: Little Brown. Red Cross. org (2008). Red Cross Square: Headquarters of the American Red Cross. Retrieved May12, 2008, from http://www. redcross. org/museum/history/square. asp


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