American nursing association | English homework help

Religious Studies 231- Morality and Contemporary Healthcare

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American nursing association | English homework help
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Paper 2-Due September 28, 2017 @ 3PM

Topic: American Nursing Association

Must include the following:

1. Intro: Founding, history, development

2. Orientation: Goals, main purpose, ethical principles

3. Focus: How do they help and support nurses

4. Activities: Further quality of healthcare in the United States

5. Opinions: Good/bad criticism. Would you join? Values and principles in bold

*One source published or printed

Moral values are as listed:

Personalism                            Non-malfeasance

Deontology                             Respect

Teleology                                Concern

Beneficence                            Undue burden

Ethical principles are as listed:

Double effect                                                  END not justify means

Proportionality                                              Utility

Totality                                                           Autonomy

Cooperation (formal or material)               Intentionality

Lesser of two evils                                         Justice                                          

All papers must be written in MLA. A minimum of 3-5 pages.


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