American life & Culture


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American life & Culture
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After reading the book,
ed: Poverty and Profit in the American
, and participating in your Service Learning work, please answer
the following questions, using examples both from the book (specific
ones; you must discuss at least 3 people discussed in the book) and
your servic
e learning
and refer to concepts from class discussions

What are the consequences of homelessness for individuals and
and society

Discuss the intersections of race,
gender, and class in the lives
of those affected by homelessness and poverty.
Please use
examples from the book and your service learning experience
and integrate class concepts into your discussion.

Desmond asked, “Do we believe that the right to a decent home
is part of what it means to be an American?” (page 300). Do you
think th
at decent, affordable housing should be a basic right for
every American citizen? Why or why not?

What is the best way to address the affordable housing crisis:
through gove
rnment politics, market mechani
, church
initiatives, pri
vate non

profit grou
or something else? Please
discuss, supporting your answer with references from the book
and online.
You must cite references to the book. As well, you must draw from
examples and concepts throughout the book (not just from one
chapter, for example). If y
ou use external resources, please cite them.


CES 180
Your paper should be 8

10 pages long, double

spaced, not including
your title page and bibliography. You may use first

person and third

person. Please include an introduction and conclusion.


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